With just over 500 days until the opening of Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai, an International Participants Meetings has gathered Organisers and Participants in Japan. The two-day meeting was the opportunity for key stakeholders in the next World Expo to make progress ahead of the most intense period of preparations in the coming year-and-a-half.

Over 150 countries and international organisations took part in the International Participants Meeting

Over 150 countries and international organisations were represented at the IPM, which is the first meeting to gather all participants since construction on the Expo site was launched earlier this year. Expo Organisers and Participants exchanged alongside Japanese officials and representatives of the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) to align plans on the construction and delivery of pavilions, the creation of exhibition content and the Expo’s activities calendar.

Marking an acceleration in the pace of preparations, over 20 countries signed participation contracts on the sidelines of the IPM, opening the way for tangible progress on pavilion development. The Organiser also launched its One Stop Shop service which provides all International Participants with a single point of contact offering advice and assistance.

More than 20 countries signed participation contracts on the sidelines of the International Participants Meeting

Participants in the IPM reviewed the procedures and calendar for the delivery of pavilions, with the construction of self-built pavilions set to begin soon and the installation work on Organiser-built pavilions due to be launched in July 2024. The meeting was also an opportunity for the Organiser to exchange with International Participants on the implementation of the Virtual Expo project and the events programme that is being developed. The latter will include National Day celebrations as well as events related to the eight Theme Weeks that will take place throughout the Expo.

The Minister responsible for Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai, Hanako Jimi, speaking at the opening of the International Participants meeting

Japan’s Minister responsible for Expo 2025, Hanako Jimi, told participants: “The official theme of our Expo is “Designing Future Society for Our Lives.” We must ask, what kind of society do we wish to create for the children of the future? We would like to converse and collaborate with you leading up to and during the Expo, building upon the theme, so that we can express together a powerful message to the world.”

The Secretary General of the BIE, Dimitri S. Kerkentzes, speaking at the opening of the International Participants Meeting

The Secretary General of the BIE, Dimitri S. Kerkentzes stated: “The proactive and sustained engagement of all participants is central to the success of Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai. This engagement is now moving up a level as the rhythm of preparations accelerates towards April 2025.”

With Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai opening its gates on 13 April 2025, Organisers and Participants are conceiving and delivering pavilions that will offer visitors immersive experiences relating to the theme, “Designing Future Society for Our Lives”. Each International Participant has selected one of the three sub-themes – Saving Lives, Empowering Lives and Connecting Lives – that correspond to specific zones on the Expo site and will shape exhibition content and activity programming.

World Expos, officially known as International Registered Exhibitions, are global gatherings of nations addressing universal challenges of our time. These unparalleled global events offer a journey inside a chosen theme through engaging and immersive activities. The most recent World Expo, which closed on 31 March 2022, took place in Dubai, UAE under the theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, and received more than 24 million visits. The next World Expo, Expo 2025 Osaka Kansai, will be open between 13 April and 13 October 2025.